Risco Estudio, Buño’s traditional smelling classes in front of Riazor beach.

Pablo Rodríguez is a craftsman and native of Buño and has just opened this space to teach pottery classes and to bring this craft to anyone who wants to discover the world and creations with clay.

I’ve had my hands in the mud since I was little.’ Pablo Rodríguez is a native of Buño, the land of artisans who work with clay on the Costa da Morte. He has the best teacher in the family: his uncle is O Rulo, one of Buño’s most famous potters, who has been defending this traditional craft with his work for 40 years. Following in his uncle’s footsteps, Pablo decided to bring a piece of Buño’s tradition to A Coruña: he has just opened Risco Estudio, at number 32 avenida Pedro Barrié de la Maza, a point of sale for traditional crafts and also a place where he teaches traditional pottery.

In Pablo’s studio he works with the lathe. Here he teaches the traditional technique so that, once mastered, the student can make the pieces he likes best, both traditional and more contemporary. “Once you have refined the technique, the challenge is to create a design on paper and be able to carry it out”. He believes that this is one of the advantages of the Buño pottery: that by learning the tradition he can make pieces with modern designs. To be able to experiment with clay, Pablo has different bonuses that adapt to different levels, and that are designed so that anyone can work with clay from scratch, even if they have no previous knowledge. “They are also an alternative for Christmas celebrations”.

After living in Australia, Pablo returned to Galicia just under two years ago and decided to shape this project in which he hopes more artists will have a place. His idea is for Risco to be a meeting point between different artisans. He also highlights the pieces made by his uncle O Rulo and which can now be purchased in his studio.

From Risco you have a direct view of Riazor beach. “Being able to work like this is a luxury.” The reception of the classes is being very good. He says that what surprises people the most is the fact of seeing a finished piece created with his hands. Also the benefits of mud on the skin: “It leaves your hands very soft because the mud acts like a small exfoliation”.


Learn with us the traditional technique of Buño ́s Pottery